Puppy Starter Kit

4 Sessions - $300

Ages 10 - 16 weeks

*All training equipment to be purchased separately - not included in training fees 

Congratulations on your new puppy! What better way to say "I love you" then to teach your pal all the basics! New pups are so adorable we have the tendency to spoil them and then in 6 months we can't figure out why he's still pooping in the house, won't come when called and is digging up your flower beds after he's chewed up the couch.  

Get started on the right paw with this beginners package. Your new pup will need to have a lot of structure and leadership from you and your family. Using your new dogs instinct to stick close to his new pack members will be utilized and helped along with clicker/luring/treat training and free shaping techniques. 

We help you along your path by setting up schedules to succeed that work for you and the entire family. Why is a schedule for a pup so important? It will help him to know that there is a time for activity and a time for rest, it aides in the house breaking process and will help him be calm and quiet while you are doing human things. 

We will cover things like - crate training, schedules, interactive play, collar and leash basics, potty training, safe chew toys, socialization and home safety. Nipping, biting, chewing and whining are common with young dogs and it's important to guide them through this stage productively. It's also important for your pup to be exposed to all sorts of stimulation as he grows so that he will become confident and secure in his new surroundings. 

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