Dog Training Programs

Dogs In Bloom believes that the overall well being, happiness and balance of your dog is the ultimate goal. 

Dogs In Bloom offers full Board & Train services as well as one-on-one in-home training. We believe each dog has a unique personality so we custom design a program that suits you and your dog specifically. Obedience lessons are only part of the big picture. A dog can be a super sitter and still be anxious, reactive and aggressive out in the real world. We want to know what your goals are so we can help guide you there with the best results possible. We get to the root of the struggles and don't just put band aides on issues or teach avoidance. We want your dogs to grow as a whole to live a more confident, secure and happy life. A life where they will understand boundaries, be rewarded and praised for all of their successes and most importantly keep their tails wagging! 


Dogs In Bloom has one goal in mind, to help your dogs "grow" into their true potential. We use balanced training methods which includes tons of praise, reward and positive reinforcement. We believe it's also important to teach your dog what "no" means. When a dog understands "no" he will literally stop in his tracks and look to you for guidance and how to make a better choice. We love to see your dogs smile and shine! Using a combination of verbal commands, games, toys and food, a variety of collars (slip leads, remote collar, prong, flat, etc...) and leashes as well as physical touch to move your dogs along. We understand that no two dogs are exactly the same so a program is set up to be as special as your pet is. 

Training Programs