Meet Tracy

Owner | Head Trainer

I've spent the last 46 years loving animals, especially dogs. 6 years ago I adopted a challenging dog and brought him to a training class. I had used these classes in the past but suddenly found that this type of class wasn't going to work for my new dog. This is where my journey into more formal dog training started.

I have been exposed to some of the best trainers in South Florida and a few not so good. I have learned much from both, good and bad. It has shown me which types of training I agree with, who I want to help and work with, what actually works, and how to be open minded. The most important lesson I learned is that no two dogs are alike, you can't just put them in a "box" and train one like the other. 

During the last 6 years I adopted 2 additional dogs that had some serious behavioral issues. We are talking about severe reactivity to dogs and humans, biting, lunging, jumping, etc... Incorporating structure, clear leadership, boundaries, a loving environment and clear communication of what was good and what was not acceptable, both dogs have come such a long way and are doing fantastic. And yes, most of this work I had to do on my own.

For the last 3 years I have been apprenticing under other accomplished trainers and have also served as the in-house trainer at a No-Kill animal shelter for 9 months. It was at the shelter that I realized the need for someone like me was in high demand. There are many people with great dogs who are struggling with behavior issues. I want to make it my mission to keep these dogs in loving homes living in harmony with their owners. 

I understand the needs of the average family and the struggles that can exist with their dogs when issues arise. We believe in using balanced training methods and working with each dogs natural inherit qualities to find out what motivates them.

I offer training programs for dogs with a variety of behavioral issues. These issues include as fear, anxiety, lunging, jumping, leash pulling, "aggression", as well as dogs with severe reactivity towards humans and/or other dogs. These dogs come in all shapes and sizes and I am experienced in working with dogs of all breeds from Shiba Inu, Chihuahua, Terriers to Bully Breeds, German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois and your good old fashioned "mutt". Dogs in Bloom does not breed discriminate and will work with any family dog.